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***UPDATED 5/15/20***

UNT Faculty/Staff Bicycle sale! Beginning 5/15/20 Surplus has been authorized to allow the sale of any remaining bicycles that are here at Surplus to be sold to UNT faculty and staff!  Most of the bikes that are currently here may need some love and attention but will be offered to current UNT faculty/staff at the sale price of $25!  We are required to only accept credit/debit and will be by appointment only! To set an appointment please call 940-369-7199. Also, remember to bring your UNT staff/faculty ID with you. This sale will be available until 7/31/20.

UNT Surplus Campus Reuse-  UNT Faculty/Staff are now able to come to the Surplus warehouse to view, pick up or drop off items for UNT campus reuse by appointment only.  If you are needing items for your office or department, please call us at 940-369-7199 to schedule an appointment.

UNT Surplus Public Sale- Surplus is closed for public sale indefinetly. However, we will soon be listing items up for auction on slapsale.com (see below). 

UNT Surplus Auctions will now be conducted through Shattuck LLC (slapsale.com)! Be sure to register today to begin bidding on items...including all UNT Vehicles! 

Go to www.slapsale.com to register and to see all necessary details regarding the auction process!




UNT Campus viewing & drop off: By apointment only



Surplus Pickup Request Guidelines:


  • All requests must be submitted using the Surplus Pickup Request form and sent as an attachment to asset.management@unt.edu. (We no longer accept faxed or hand written requests).
  • Requests will be handled in the order they are received. If you need items picked up on a certain day or time, please email us first to see if we will be available in the time frame needed. For large-scale requests (relocations, multiple pieces of furniture, lab equipment, etc.), or requests submitted at the beginning/end of the fiscal year, please provide advanced notice. Requests labeled urgent will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Only items listed on the request form will be picked up. Please ensure that surplus items are easily identifiable and not mixed in with other items.
  • Any request that has an asset on it must be checked off and signed by surplus personnel and a department representative. If a correction on the quantity, description, or tag number must be made on the form, we can either cross out the incorrect information and rewrite the adjustment to be initialed by the department and surplus representatives, or print a new form with the necessary corrections and attach it to the appropriate item(s).
  • Asset numbers should be listed in the UNT Asset Tag# Column, and item descriptions in the description column.
  • ONLY ONE ASSET NUMBER PER LINE -- If a request has more than one asset per line, it will be sent back to the department to be corrected. The only exception for this is if the asset has more than one number assigned to it (such as an asset tag and serial number, i.e.. 117845/DQHMM1).
  • For computers -- all hard drives must be REMOVED when possible including laptops. If the hard drive is unable to be removed, it must be erased and reset to factory defaults prior to request submission (contact your department’s IT staff with any questions). You may send the removed hard drive(s) to surplus to be destroyed if needed.
  • Surplus can only move items from the department to the surplus warehouse. Items moving from room to room or from the warehouse back to campus (after being reserved during a campus reuse showing) must be transported by the department or Moving Services.
  • Surplus cannot take the following items:
    • Chemicals
    • Paint
    • Open printer toner cartridges
    • Food/Beverage
    • Trash/Cardboard (contact Recycling)
    • Glass, including: lab beakers, light bulbs, vases, glass tabletops, and mirrors
    • Appliances with freon (all items with freon must be evacuated by facilities before they can be picked up)
    • Furniture/equipment that were built or assembled on site, as well as oversized furniture items (at the discretion of surplus personnel)
    • Books
  • Any item that is attached to a wall, ceiling, or floor must be unattached before it can be removed. This also applies to items consisting of multiple units, such as L-shaped furniture, desks with hutches, or shelving taller than a standard doorway. Equipment must also be disconnected from any gas, water, or electrical lines.
  • Please notate the measurements of furniture items (7’ bookcase, 3-drawer file cabinet, etc.), as well as if the items are on wheels. This helps us know what equipment to bring.
  • If a pickup requires access to a secure/locked location, please notate it on the request form along with necessary contact information.
  • For any questions regarding surplus pickup, please contact the surplus warehouse at (940) 369-7199.


Campus Reuse Guidelines:

  • All property is offered to University of North Texas departmental personnel, UNT System personnel, or UNT Dallas Campus personnel and is for UNT/UNT System/UNT Dallas Campus use only.
  • All items must be logged out before any item can be taken from the UNT Surplus warehouse.

  • Faculty and staff must present a UNT ID in order to remove items from surplus.
  • Grad Students, T.A's, or Research Assistants, are not permitted to remove any items from the warehouse unless they are either accompanied by fulltime faculty/staff personnel or a full time faculty/staff personnel must send an email stating authorization for them to take items back to campus for departmental needs this means that whoever is authorizing them is responsible for those items being taken. 

  • If a tagged asset is needed then the personnel requesting it must bring the Charge of Accounts information with them along with the department custodial information for the asset(s) to be released. 

  • No items(s) may be taken from the UNT Surplus Warehouse and taken off Campus, the item must remain with the requesting department.
  • Any department that wishes to remove items from surplus must do so with Surplus staff approval, or by submitting a work order with Moving Services by calling Work Control at 940-565-2700
  • The property is offered on a “where is, as is” basis and without a warranty, either expressed or implied.
  • General conditions of items may be: fair, poor, or dismantled for parts. Transportation of requested property will need to be arranged by the department.